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Using PleaseReview to make the impossible possible

Posted by Jason Webb on 25. February 2014 14:14

Integrations Manager

When PleaseReview was originally designed we had a vision of making document review a simpler and less painful process for those involved. The initial concept was of small tight-knit groups of 6-15 people reviewing a small number of documents, but thankfully we engineered it without technical limits and as PleaseReview has grown as a product, so have our end user requirements.
I was recently working with a life sciences company, and was slightly surprised to find them routinely undertaking reviews containing up to 170 documents and with 100+ reviewers. To put this in perspective, if each document was printed out for each person to work on this would result in a stack of paper roughly 590 feet or 180 meters high: twice the height of the Statue of Liberty and half as tall as the Eiffel Tower!
This volume of data is impossible to review using almost any other mechanism due to both the number of reviewers and the number of documents (and associated comments and changes) involved: the 'traditional'  email and Word track changes functionality would be chaos and a PDF based approach would require massive effort to consolidate the comments and changes and provide the associated reports. In real time applications, such as Google Docs or Office 365 (quite apart from the issues this would create by hosting high value intellectual property documents), the anarchy caused by hundreds of users making uncontrolled edits to hundreds of documents doesn't even bear thinking about!
The only possible way to review such large document sets is using PleaseReview. 
So when I asked one of the business users if she thought PleaseReview was important to her job,  she immediately responded with "No, it's CRITICAL to our process now".
Now, that's job satisfaction!
If you would like to know more how our customers use PleaseReview, please take a look at some of our case studies.

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