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PleaseTech Becomes Part of Ideagen Plc

Posted by David Cornwell on 27. March 2017 09:55

Founder/CEO of PleaseTech Ltd - collaborative document review and co-authoring for the enterprise.

Passing the baton from Dave to David

You may have learnt by now that on 23rd March 2017, Ideagen Plc announced its acquisition of PleaseTech Ltd.

Ideagen are not just acquiring an outstanding product in PleaseReview, they are also acquiring a superb team which has created PleaseReview and marketed, sold and supported it across the globe - underpinned by a highly organized and professional administrative function. No company can be successful without a dedicated team behind it. At PleaseTech we have such a team. 

PleaseReview is a globally unique leading edge software product for which our clients regularly express ‘love’. Coupled by our commitment to customer service it was a rare month when we didn’t receive a client email thanking the support team for their exceptional dedication to duty.

My personal philosophy has always been that ‘if anyone who works for us couldn’t walk out the door and get another job tomorrow, why were we employing them?’. Needless to say, I believe that everyone who worked at PleaseTech would be a massive asset to another company. The lucky company which inherits them and their exceptional talents and standards is Ideagen.

You may be thinking why now? Why Ideagen? What does it mean for me? I’ll try and answer those questions below.

When the founders (Clare and myself, and then rapidly joined by Tim and Jason) embarked upon PleaseTech, we hardly dared believe that we’d create a product and company which would be as successful as PleaseReview and PleaseTech. PleaseReview is in use by over 70% of the largest global Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies, as well as a number of major Defense companies, the US Navy, the United Nations and many other very large and not so large companies and organizations. Many of these clients consider PleaseReview as ‘mission critical’ and PleaseTech as a strategic supplier. PleaseTech has remained profitable with a positive cash flow. All this from a small British software company. Trust me, as entrepreneurs, it doesn’t get much better! 

During the company’s growth, we have recruited an outstanding team (both in the UK and Malaysia) and had a lot of fun on the way. The UK Christmas parties (held in January) are legendary.

However, as the company grows, it moves out of the start-up phase and into a growth phase. This means it needs different management skills and approaches and that’s not necessarily something a start-up team has. We needed to recognize and accept that the founders are not necessarily the best people to move the business forward to its next phase of growth.  

So, as we move into a global growth phase, now seems like a good time to pass the baton.

We therefore pass the baton proudly onto David Hornsby and his team at Ideagen. We have worked with them over the last few months and been impressed with their ambition, organization and potential. Ideagen is a complementary business (we have many similar and even common clients in different areas), is British (this helps with the cultural fit and therefore helps our staff assimilate) and Ideagen’s size and growth trajectory provides our team with career opportunities that PleaseTech as a standalone, organic growth business couldn’t possibly hope to offer. 

Ideagen is growing rapidly and putting together a great product portfolio. The company has great plans for PleaseReview and, I’ve no doubt, they will continue to provide the investment and support necessary to maintain PleaseReview’s market leading position as it sets new standards in usability and functionality.

So, for employees, we see increased career opportunities and the benefits that a rapidly growing UK quoted company can provide. For clients, we see extended reach, further investment and a great home for their mission critical solution. We look forward to our partners continuing to work with the team to provide integrated solutions for mutual clients. 

It's important to note that there won’t be any changes in the frontline team. Barry Lyne, with a larger salesforce, will still be at the forefront of sales and Nick Angell and his department will carry on providing support and customer services. Zoe Wright and her team will continue to provide training, customer liaison, product management and education. Behind the scenes, Tim Robinson, PleaseTech CTO, will keep on applying his massive brain to the product architecture, Jason Webb, Integrations Manager, will continue to integrate and Poh Teng will still lead the Malaysian development and test team which delivers such high quality software. So we expect clients not to notice any difference.  

It only remains for us to thank our staff, clients and partners for the last 15 years and ask you to work with us as we integrate the businesses. 

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