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A poem...about document review...

Posted by Sarah Edmonds on 6. October 2016 11:38

The other half of marketing... Google

In celebration of National Poetry Day, we've penned our own little rhyme.  Our subject matter, is, of course, document review....

It’s National Poetry Day 

The boss did say

“A job for you…”

Pen me a poem about document review

Perhaps a joke

About some folk

Who gathered round

To tackle the mound

Of proposals, specifications, policies and procedures 

The time it was taking was causing them seizures

The tracked changes, sticky notes and marked up pages

Was quite simply taking them ages 

Conflicting comments, copy and pasting 

Manpower time it sure was wasting

There had to be a better way

Or some extra staff they’d have to pay

So on the world wide web they did some surfing

And let me tell you this left them smirking

For a solution to their problems they had found

Heroes of the department they were crowned

The answer to their problems was easy

PleaseReview - it makes document review breezy

Yes, we know this rhyme is cheesy

But don’t let collaborative review leave you queasy is what you need

Then of your problems you’ll be freed


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